Car detailing products ‘make more sense than expensive repainting jobs’

For drivers of second-hand cars, using car waxes, car polish and clay bars to restore their vehicle's lustre makes much more sense than spending thousands of pounds on having the body resprayed.

Tom Torbjornsen, maintenance editor at AOL Autos, said that he recently received an enquiry from a motorist whose nine-year-old Ford Taurus with 200,000 miles on the clock looked old and tired.

The driver asked whether Mr Torbjornsen thought it was a good idea to spend $3,500 (£2,176) on having the car painted again.

He stated that it is obviously not wise to spend that amount of money on a vehicle which is not even worth half of that figure.

Instead, he recommended various car exterior care products which can revitalise the vehicle.

"There are actually many ways to restore the lustre of your car exterior … such as rubbing compound, a good wax job and special exterior conditioners," Mr Torbjornsen added.

Dan Strumpf, from the Associated Press, stated recently that car care products are worth the investment because they do a good job.

Posted by Matt Casson

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