Car detailing ‘is about more than washing and waxing’

While car shampoo and car waxes are essential to making a vehicle look good, they alone are not enough to give it the best shine possible, it has been claimed.

Tunch Goren, chief executive officer of 3D International LLC, said that drivers need to go the extra mile if they want their motor to look the best it possibly can.

He stated that giving the vehicle a thorough wash followed by a polish is only the first step in achieving this.

"Auto detailing is more than just washing, cleaning and waxing a car. It's a process to achieve as good as new look of the vehicle's interior, exterior and beneath," Mr Goren noted.

A recent article on asiaonemotoring suggested that car polishes are also an essential part of the detailing arsenal.

According to the source, car polishes are the key to getting that showroom shine that all car enthusiasts want.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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