Unusual Car De-Icer Habits Of UK Drivers Revealed

Car De-Icer

A recent survey by car care product manufacturer, Autoglym has revealed the unusual items and practices used by UK drivers instead of a recommended car de-icer. Number one on the list is their hands. It appears when it comes to clearing the ice from the windscreen and windows 29% of UK motorists choose to use their hands instead of a car de-icer product.

This is closely followed by the trusted credit card where nearly a quarter of those car owners surveyed admitted to having used their credit card to clear the ice and snow from their car.

One of the most unusual objects used is the kitchen spatula or other cooking utensils, which have been used by over 15% of both male and female drivers as a car de-icer.

The survey of 1000 motorists across a range of ages also reveals that over 10% of drivers under the age of 44 have used an alcoholic drink of some description as a car windscreen de-icer.

The Danger of Using Boiling Water As Car De-Icer

Autoglym point out that by failing to use a proper car de-icer product and ice-scraper motorists are in danger of doing permanent damage to their windscreen, glass and other parts of their cars. One of the most worrying being the 15% of motorists who use boiling water to clear their screens are in danger of causing the glass to crack or shatter with the rapid change in temperature caused by pouring boiling water onto a frozen windscreen.

By not using a proper scraper motorists are also prone to scratching the glass and although there are windscreen scratch repair kits available it is an added expense which could be avoided by use of the proper car de-icer equipment.

“This survey highlights how ill-prepared some motorists are to tackle the icy conditions that will arrive in the months ahead,” explains Autoglym’s CEO, Paul Caller.  “When it comes to de-icing, many people are improvising with a truly bizarre selection of items, causing potential damage to their vehicles, as well as risking a potential collision given the likelihood that ice deposits won’t have been properly cleared.

“Using anything other than a good quality de-icing solution and ice scraper will not effectively remove the ice, and makeshift substitutes can damage the car’s glass and rubber seals.  Instead of attacking the windscreen with boiling water and a credit card, I’d urge motorists to prepare themselves with the correct equipment for the job.”

Motorists are urged to be prepared for the icy conditions with a combination of a quality car de-icer, winter screen wash, ice-scraper and microfibre cloths.


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