Car cleaning products ‘won’t bust your budget’

When it comes to car interior cleaning, over-the-counter products from the likes of Meguiar's and Mothers will do a top-class job without burning a hole in motorists' wallets.

Dan Strumpf, from the Associated Press, stated that with Halloween fast approaching, parents are likely to find chocolate and sweet stains in the back of their cars as their children consume as many sugary treats as they can.

While mess is inevitable, car leather care solutions and upholstery cleaners are available from leading manufacturers which drivers can use themselves rather than taking the vehicle to a professional valeting company.

"Foam or spray cleaners are some of the most common cleaning agents for fabric upholstery. Most major brands of auto car products – like Turtle Wax, Meguiar's and Mothers – sell upholstery cleaners designed specifically for automotive interiors," Mr Strumpf added.

One interior care product drivers may wish to invest in is Chemical Guys Silk Shine, which was recently used by Victory Detailing to revitalise the inside of a Cadillac.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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