Car cleaning products ‘make great Father’s Day gifts’

GiftsThose looking for gift ideas for Father’s Day may find that a car cleaning kit is a good choice.

Ainsworth Morris, from the Jamaica Observer, has compiled a list of items which a dad or husband may be pleased to receive this Father’s Day, with car cleaning products one of the suggestions.

"Every man loves his car and shares a close bond with his machine … you can get him: car seat covers, a new car part, a new steering cover [or] a cleaning accessory kit," the newspaper stated.

The writer suggested that those considering this option may wish to buy several car cleaning products and make their own personalised kit.

Anyone who goes down this route may wish to include items such as Wurth German Alloy Silver Wheel Paint Lacquer, PMC clay bars and Gliptone GT11 leather conditioner.

One car exterior cleaning product dad may love this Father’s Day is a Kent Extra Large Microfibre Drying Towel, which was recently given a best buy award by Auto Express.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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