Car cleaning kits ‘make great presents’

With Christmas fast approaching, one present which is sure to put a smile on the face of a motoring enthusiast is a car cleaning kit.

According to the Special Gifts blog, buying something for car lovers can be tricky for those with little interest or knowledge on the subject, however, a detailing kit is a sure-fire winner.

The source stated that there are a number of car care kits to choose from, with some containing the basics such as car shampoo and chamois leather to the more advanced packs featuring car waxes, microfibre cloths and clay bars.

In addition, some kits contain interior care products, which could include things like glass cleaner and car leather cleaner.

"Someone who loves cars will always appreciate having materials to keep their car clean," the blog went on to add.

Car convertible cleaner could be a good gift for someone with a soft-top, with Tudor Raiciu, from autoevolution, stating that such products will help maintain the hood's lustre.

Posted by Matt Casson

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