Car care products ‘will pay for themselves’

For a relatively small investment, car care products can add significant value to a car when the time comes to sell it.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Paul Normyle, founder of vehicle preparation firm Sine, said that car interior and exterior care products such as car waxes, car leather care solutions and alloy wheel cleaners will pay for themselves in the long run.

Selling a vehicle is like selling a house and he stated that with a few hours of elbow grease, motorists can make their motor stand out from similar models in the classifieds.

"The most important thing is a full valet inside and out. You can do it yourself for next to nothing if you don't mind hours of hard work … I guarantee you'll get your money back in the sale," Mr Normyle told the newspaper.

Bug cleaner is definitely something which drivers should invest in, as new research from Autoglym found that insect splats have the same corrosive effect on paint as bird droppings.

Posted by Simone Williams

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