Car Care Council stresses importance of car detailing

In the winter it is common for people to neglect their car cleaning duties due to the adverse weather, however, now spring is upon us, it is important to get out and give the vehicle some tender loving care.

That is according to the Car Care Council, which recommended keeping a motor clean, having MOT checks when necessary and keeping an eye out for little glitches such as worn windscreen wipers and attending to warning lights on the dashboard.

In terms of cleaning, car waxes and car shampoo are two products which should definitely be used.

"Regular car washes and waxes protect the paint and body of your car," the organisation stated.

Rich White, executive director, added: "Taking a little time for car care now can save headaches and money in the long run."

According to a post on Ricochet's Rapid Detail, the key to having a shiny paint job and sparkling rims is in utilising the right products and cleaning the vehicle consistently.

Posted by Simone Williams

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