Can neat interiors be improved?

Many drivers keep their interiors in good condition and therefore think they do not need to use car leather care and other products.

If motorists are happy with this then fine, however, those who want their cabin to be better than nice must put the effort in and make it so.

That means investing car air fresheners and other solutions that will elevate the seats, surfaces and carpets to a whole new level of clean.

This is something the experts from Victory Detailing faced on a recent job they undertook.

The car's interior was perfectly acceptable, except for a layer of dust that had built up on the dashboard.

And while the appearance was fine, the team decided to take it to another level.

"Aesthetically, the plastic and rubber trim looked better after the surfaces had absorbed and retained the dressing. We rubbed off the excess product to blend our application and to leave a smooth and sharp look," the experts added.

Richard Hinson, former associate publisher and editorial director of AutoWeek, told the Detroit Free Press recently that it is better to clean the inside of a car first and then the outside.

Posted by James Robson

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