Brits ‘to cut down on car wash visits’

Car WashBritish motorists are to cut down on the number of times they visit car washes due to financial pressures.

New research from AA Financial Services, 29 per cent of drivers plan to use their vehicle less in a bid to save money, including on car wash costs, which could mean they invest in car shampoo and polish to use themselves.

Mark Huggins, director of AA Financial Services, said that the study highlights the economic pressures many Brits face.

"It’s not just cutting back on motoring spend, which accounts for perhaps the biggest chunk of most families’ domestic budget – this caution is extending into all areas of life," he added.

Those looking to save money on motoring costs could find buying cleaning products such as car polish and shampoo online is one way of achieving this.

Ed Bowsher, head of consumer finance at, stated that in the majority of cases, buying items via the internet can be cheaper than shopping for them from high street outlets.

Posted by Brett McCann

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