Brits endangering lives with low tyre tread depths

The next time drivers use alloy wheel cleaners and tyre cleaners they may wish to check the tread on their rubber, as new research has shown many are putting their lives at risk.

According to a study by, more than half of motorists allow their tread to fall below regulation levels before changing them.

When questioned as to what would encourage them to take action, 54 per cent said low tread depths, while 62 per cent stated it would take bulges and cracks before they did anything.

A spokesman for Delticom AG, which operates in the UK as, said that the results are cause for alarm.

"Tyres are without a doubt one of the most important safety components on a vehicle, so it is worrying that such a large number of car drivers could be on the roads with illegal tyres," the representative added.

According to a piece in the Abbotsford Times, wheel cleaners should be used to help get a car looking good for the spring.

Posted by James Robson

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