Brits clueless over car maintenance

A new study has found that many Brits are clueless when it comes to car maintenance.

According to price comparison website, 72 per cent of car owners do not how to check brake fluid levels and 69 per cent haven't the foggiest when it comes to monitoring engine coolant.

Katie Shephard, spokesperson for the road safety charity Brake, believes that knowing how to look after your vehicle is imperative if you are to avoid endangering yourself and others.

"It's vital that drivers are doing regular maintenance checks of their vehicle to ensure they are safe on the road," she said.

Gareth Kloet,'s head of car insurance, added: "Car maintenance is essential. We all love a bit of TLC so don't forget your cars need a helping hand too."

And with cars costing so much it's not just the inside you should look after.

Vad Samarin, editor of, said recently that keeping windows and headlights clean as well as wiper blades in good condition was every bit as important as maintaining a healthy engine.

The Car Care Council have issued a handy guide to ensuring that your prized possession stays spic and span.

It suggests your vehicle should be washed using car shampoo at least once a week and polished at least every six months to ensure the paintwork keeps its beautiful shine.

It points out that the best time to wash your car is straight after a rain shower as the effects of weather can have a major effect on bodywork if not seen to speedily.

Although water quickly evaporates, acid rain, caused by changes in the environment, leaves behind a residue that if not cleaned will eat into the vehicle's finish.

Cleaning with high performance microfibre cloths and clay bars will ensure that your car maintains that brand new showroom look.

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