Brits ‘are becoming more car proud’

When it comes to servicing and cleaning cars, Brits are taking more of an interest than ever before.

Natalie Grimshare, a spokesperson for Diamond, said that women in particular are dedicating more time and attention to keeping their motors looking fresh and clean.

She stated that car care is especially important in times of economic hardship and that maintaining a healthy engine is vital.

However, car interior care and exterior cleaning have also become more important and ladies are prepared to use car waxes and car polish to make their vehicle look as nice as possible.

"I know a lot of women who clean their car regularly and they do it by hand … women do take pride in running their vehicles and they want to keep it clean and they want to keep it running as well," Ms Grimshare added.

According to a recent entry on Hub Garage, drivers should always wash their cars by hand as opposed to taking them to a car wash, as the brushes used in car washes can damage the paint.

Posted by Simone Williams

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