BMW exhibits its polished past

Car enthusiasts may want to take a city-break in Munich this winter and pay a visit to BMW’s Line of Beauty exhibition.

The iconic vehicle manufacturer has wheeled out the best and most beautiful cars in a show that illustrates its rich history in transportation.

Since its formation in 1916, BMW has been at the forefront of the automotive industry and this expo allows people see and even tough come its most well know vintage motors.

Shining and expertly restored with the best car polish and scratch remover money can buy each car really is a thing of immense beauty.

BMW’s flagship coupes and convertibles are iconic in their own right and visitors can see 14 individual exhibits that display everything from the pre-war 327 and 327/28 Convertible and Coupe models through to the modern F12/13 6-Series.

The 1950s was a time for style, sophistication and glamour and the BMW 502 Coupé and Convertible’s easily epitomise their era. The truly timeless BMW 3.0 CSI E9, sometimes referred to as the Six Coupé is also on displayed and ready to be marvelled at.

The German car giant has won its fair share of accolades over the years but few vehicles have the striking and award-winning allure of the E31 BMW 8 Series. When it was released it was thought of as a car ahead of its time, but appreciation of simplistic stylings has reached astronomical proportions in recent years.

If you like things big as well as beautiful then you must see the new BMW 6 Series, which continues BMW’s tradition of producing stunning and grand tourer vehicles.

The exhibition is being held at the BMW museum in Munich will run from the 28th October 2011 through to the end of September next year. It’s a truly unmissable event for those that love cars.

Posted by Mark Henderson 

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