Bird droppings ‘are corrosive and can damage paintwork’

Hyundai Santa Fe 2010It is important that drivers do not view bird droppings as a minor irritation and nothing more, as they can have a damaging effect on a car’s bodywork.

According to Utah Car Detailing, many motorists bemoan the fact that a bird has defecated on their vehicle but do not take urgent steps to remove it, which can lead to problems further down the line.

The issue is that bird droppings are corrosive and if they are left on the bodywork for too long they can ruin the paint job, meaning drivers may wish to invest in a top-quality car polish to remove the faeces.

"Bird droppings contain certain proteins that can bond to the surface of your car. This can break down the surface of your vehicle and eventually eat the clear coat if not removed," the company added.

To help maintain the paint job, drivers should also invest in a microfibre cloth, as they are kinder on the bodywork than many alternatives, according to Tom Selwick from Las Vegas Detailing.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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