Autoglym soft-top cleaners praised

DrivingThe Autoglym Fabric Hood Maintenance Kit has been recommended for use on the roof of a TVR Chimaera by one car enthusiast.

In a thread on Pistonheads Gassing, a car fan by the name of FreeLitres asked which product is best for maintaining the roof of the TVR and giving it the best finish.

A response from V8 GRF said that any one of Autoglym’s convertible roof kits would get the job done, adding that the protection they offer is very good.

"You’ll have to be patient to get all the foam out of the centre panel but it does a good job. Then use the sealant. After use rain will ‘bead’ on the surface," the enthusiast stated.

He went on to add that once this beading effect stops, the convertible maintenance kit should be used once again.

Another car exterior care product of Autoglym’s which was recently recommended is the High Definition Wax.

Ben Groves, a freelance researcher and writer, said in an article on that while it may be more expensive than other waxes, it is better than most of them.

Posted by Simone Williams

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