Autoglym reveals list of dos and don’ts for winter maintenance

As the weather starts to turn cars will face a punishing time but there are steps drivers can take to protect their motor.

According to Autoglym, there are several dos and don'ts when it comes to car exterior care, with the first thing to do being to remove mud and salt that have built up under the wheel arches.

The firm also recommended increasing the concentration of car windscreen cleaner and cleaning the bodywork with car shampoo on a regular basis.

In addition, drivers should apply car waxes to shield the bodywork from the elements, while Autoglym's Vinyl and Rubber Care should be applied to plastic and rubber surfaces.

Among the list of don'ts is washing the vehicle with dish soap and pouring boiling water over the windscreen to get rid of ice, as it will likely crack the glass.

Cindy Sears, owner of #1 Express Carwash and Detail Center made a similar point to West Life News recently, stating that steps must be taken to protect paint from the effects of salt and grit, as they can do serious damage.

Posted by Simone Williams

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