Autoglym products ‘make great Christmas presents’

One of the best things for motoring enthusiasts to receive on Christmas Day is car cleaning products and Autoglym has a range which will put a smile on the face of every detailing fan.

The company has a range of gift packs which will make perfect presents for those with a love of cars, including the Autoglym Polished Perfection Set and the Autoglym Concours Collection Gift Set.

Other goodies which can be put under the tree include the company's Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and for girls, the Autoglym Pink Cosmetics for Cars Collection is a great choice.

Chief executive at the firm Paul Caller said that motoring fans will be smiling from ear to ear if they find these products in the pile of presents.

"They're the perfect choice for those who really want to spoil their loved ones over the festive season with a gift that can be used again and again throughout the year," he added.

The Special Gifts blog made a similar point recently, claiming that a detailing kit is a sure-fire winner of a Christmas present.

Posted by James Robson

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