Autoglym gives volcanic ash protection tips

The volcanic ash cloud may have largely passed through UK air space but Autoglym has given a range of tips drivers can take to ensure their vehicle does not suffer any damage from particles that have already fallen.

Step one is to thoroughly soak the motor to lift off any loose debris before using a pH-neutral car shampoo to neutralise the acidity of the ash.

Motorists must ensure they keep the vehicle wet with clean water when washing, as this will keep the surface lubricated and reduce the chances of scratching.

Drivers should then rinse the car and dry with it microfibre cloths before applying car polishes and car waxes to finish the bodywork.

"This latest ash cloud contains larger particles, which could be even more damaging, so we're again warning motorists to be especially vigilant and take extra precautions when cleaning their cars," Autoglym chief executive officer Paul Caller stated.

Forecasters have said that the cloud will have cleared the UK in time for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Posted by James Robson

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