Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner tested

Drivers who have invested in alloy wheels for their motor will want to do all they can to protect them and that means regular washing and maintenance.

However, to get the best results, owners need to use the right products, otherwise they could do more harm than good and end up forking out for a new set completely.

One of the options is Autoglym's Custom Wheel Cleaner, which is an alloy wheel cleaner that can also work on other metals.

CJ Hubbard, writing on the MSN Cars Inside Track blog, was recently sent the product and used it on the rims of his Mazda MX-5.

He began with some trepidation as he had previously used the company's Alloy Wheel Cleaner and was not thrilled with the results.

However, he pointed out that the Custom Wheel Cleaner can be applied to chrome, polished and anodised aluminium, making it a more ubiquitous solution than its predecessor.

In terms of results, the writer stated that it took a few applications and that while the rims were not perfect by the end of the day, with some more time the metals could have been spruced up even more.

"The CWC [Custom Wheel Cleaner] certainly does a decent job and on less neglected or smoother surfaces I'm sure you'd have an easier time," CJ Hubbard said.

He went on to add that drivers must follow the instructions carefully and pay attention to the fact that the cleaner should not be left on longer than the time stated on the bottle.

"Any longer and it will start taking paint off," he concluded.

According to, using the right tools and techniques is crucial to making a car look as good as it possibly can.

The source noted that wash mitts and car shampoo are two of the most important products.

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