Applying car waxes ‘makes subsequent washes easier’

Car waxes offer an essential barrier against the elements, which ensures that the paint is protected from grit and dirt and also means that subsequent washes are much easier.

That is according to the Car Care Council, which has offered a number of tips on how drivers can maintain their vehicle with just a few car exterior care products and a little bit of elbow grease.

According to the organisation, the whole vehicle needs to be thoroughly cleaned, with the bumpers and fenders the last parts to focus on.

The body stated that these areas collect the most dirt, which could encourage some motorists to apply bumper dye if they feel the discolouration has become too bad.

In terms of car waxes, these should be applied at the end and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

"Waxing should be done out of direct sunlight and every six months. It goes a long way toward protecting the vehicle's finish and makes subsequent washes easier," the organisation added.

Lijo Mathani, writing on Indian Drives, said that applying waxes should be done in a circular motion for the best results.

Posted by Matt Casson

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