Applying car waxes ‘easier when body is cool’

When it comes to applying car waxes, drivers are best off waiting until the bodywork is cool, an expert has said.

Editor of Vlad Samarin stated that this is what he does and usually has the vehicle treated within three-quarters of an hour.

"It's easier to wax your car when it's cool to the touch, preferably somewhere in the shadow. It takes me about 45 minutes to wax my car and it's a workout too," he claimed.

The expert then went on to discuss some of the benefits of applying car waxes and other detailing products, one of which is being able to ask for a higher price when the time comes to sell it and invest in a new model.

Mr Samarin stated that a clean and well-maintained vehicle will appeal to potential buyers more than one that looks neglected and unloved.

Jim Dvorak, spokesman for Mother's, told recently that new cars need to be waxed just like older ones.

Posted by Matt Casson

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