‘Always use the right cloths’ when washing your car

Washing the carTo get the best finish, drivers should only use certain cloths and mitts to dry their car.

According to the ohtsuatvtires blog, certain cloths can damage the paint job, meaning it is important to use only those specifically designed for drying a car.

"The softer the cloth, the better for your car’s finish. Also, make sure you know that you only have to scrub at sections where things seem to be stuck," the source said.

Another recommendation is to buy specific bug cleaner to help get rid of insects which have become stuck on the body and in the grill.

It stated that many bug cleaners are spray-on, meaning the owner then simply has to wipe off the stain.

The blog went on to add that after applying the solution, this is the best time to wash a vehicle.

According to a recent post on the Car Guide, owners should wash their vehicle from the top to the bottom and not the other way around.

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