Alloys ‘should be cleaned one at a time’

Using alloy wheel cleaners will remove tough grime from the rims and offer a protective coating, however, they should be applied in a certain way. has given various tips from Canadian Tire about how best to go about cleaning alloys, with the first step being to obtain suitable products to do the job.

Once drivers have the right alloy wheel cleaner, they should tackle one rim at a time and work from top to bottom to avoid any run-off spoiling areas they have already treated.

Following this, the source stated that tyre cleaners should be used on the rubber to enhance their appeal.

The blog went on to add that washing the bodywork is another area where best practice should be followed.

Before applying car shampoo, the whole vehicle should be rinsed down to remove any debris on the surface.

A recent post on the Powersheen blog recommended drivers use tyre dressings to make their rubber look as good as it possibly can.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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