Alloy wheel maintenance ‘requires four steps’

Alloy wheels require much more love and attention than standard wheels and serious car enthusiasts must invest in alloy wheel cleaners in order to give their rims the protection they need.

An entry on the Fixing Cars blog stated that drivers must wash their wheels regularly, remove the alloys once a year to give them a thorough going over, use a tyre cleaner and also ensure that they wash the wheel arch.

On the first point, the source claimed that brake dust must be removed on a regular basis otherwise it will eat away at the lacquer and dull the shine.

The blog said that removing the wheels once a year and using a dedicated alloy wheel cleaner followed by wheel polish applied with a microfibre cloth will help them maintain their lustre as well.

Tyre cleaners are also an essential item, with the blog stating that this will protect the tyres from the elements while enhancing the beauty of the alloy wheels at the same time.

Finally, motorists should keep the wheel arches as clean as possible, as this will stop the build up of dirt and grime which could eventually lead to corrosion.

RL 'Bud' Abraham, detailing editor at Professional Carwashing and Detailing, recently warned drivers not to apply alloy wheel cleaners to rims which are hot, as doing so could lead to streaking and staining.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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