Alloy wheel cleaning ‘requires a lot of care’

Restoring the lustre of alloy wheels involves more than just applying alloy wheel cleaner and rubbing it away.

RL 'Bud' Abraham, detailing editor at Professional Carwashing and Detailing, claims that while alloy wheel cleaner, steel wool and a wheel brush are essential items, there is a correct way of using them.

For example, it is essential that drivers do not apply alloy wheel cleaner to rims that are either dry or hot.

"Never apply chemical[s] to a dry or hot wheel. This can cause streaking and staining," he says.

Correct use of the steel wool is essential as well in order to get the best finish, with Mr Abraham stating that care must be taken to ensure it does not damage the rims.

"Aluminium or magnesium wheels will also scratch if rubbed too hard with steel wool," the expert adds.

One alloy wheel cleaner which will get the job done well is Sonax's Extreme Rim Cleaner Full Effect, according to a recent review in an AutogeekOnline forum.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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