Acid-free alloy wheel cleaners recommended

Whatever type of rims a car has, be they standard fit or aftermarket options, the best way to keep them looking good is with acid-free alloy wheel cleaners.

Paul Caller, chief executive at Autoglym, made this comment at the launch of the company's new Custom Wheel Cleaner kit, which features a one-litre trigger spray bottle of the solution and two car brushes.

He stated that as the rims are such an important part of the vehicle's overall look, proper care and attention must be given to them in terms of how regularly they are cleaned and with what product.

"Wheels are a crucial part of a car's exterior appearance. Whether the vehicle has standard-fit wheels or expensive factory fit or aftermarket options, an acid-free cleaner is the safest way to achieve a spotless finish," Mr Caller added.

According to a recent post by Amy on the Auto Product Review blog, cleaning alloys by hand is the best way to ensure a good finish and minimise any damage they could suffer.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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