A ‘quality’ car shampoo will help remove grit and salt

Ensuring that vehicles are given a regular clean with car shampoo could help prevent any serious damage during the colder months, it has been suggested.

In an article for the Windsor Star, Grace Macaluso identified salt and grit from the roads as a particular problem when the weather is cold.

She recommended using a "quality" interior car shampoo to help remove this type of dirt from the inside of automobiles.

In addition to taking care of the seats and floors of their vehicle, Ms Macaluso advised motorists to regularly clear their front and rear windscreen surfaces of snow and ice before using their wipers.

Using car wax applicator pads to polish the bodywork could also help protect the paintwork on vehicles during the winter freeze, she added.

This comes after automotive expert Pat Clancy advised Toronto Sun readers to ensure they had washer fluid suitable for temperatures between -40 degrees C and -49 degrees C for when the weather deteriorates.

Posted by Anne Simpson 

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