A detailing business ‘requires several essential tools’

Those keen to start their own car detailing business will need business acumen and several products to make their venture a success.

In terms of the latter, people who entrust their vehicle to another expect it to come back as good as new and for that to happen, the detailer needs several weapons in his arsenal.

As many members of the public will expect a detailing business to offer services for both the inside and outside of the motor.

Kamis, writing on the kemPlink Auto Detailing blog, has listed several essential items to ensure the company gets off the ground, which include microfibre cloths, car brushes, wash mitts, wax applicator pads, car polishers and car sealant.

In addition, he recommended investing in spray bottles, tyre cleaners and all-purpose detailing solutions.

Ricochet's Rapid Detail recently stressed it is important to know the difference between washing and detailing, with the former simply cleaning with shampoo while the latter is a more intricate process.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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