A clean fabric hood ‘can take a car’s look to the next level’

Those who have invested in a convertible need to treat it with the right amount of care and attention, particularly the fabric hood.

As it is made from a different material to the bodywork, it accumulates dirt and grit in a different way, with contaminants able to stick to the fibres of the roof.

That means drivers need to use specific soft top cleaners to make sure that the vehicle looks as handsome and stylish as the manufacturer intended it to be.

The team at Victory Detailing recently revitalised a customer's fabric hood with a specialist soft top cleaner and were pleased with the results.

"Our specially formulated convertible top cleaner was able to treat and clean the top well. The black convertible top looked fresh again and brought the car's overall appearance to the next level," the experts noted.

Peter Doyle, writing for the Metro Canada, said recently that car exterior care involves cleaning, polishing and protection.

Posted by James Robson

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