A clean car ‘is a pleasant place to be’

Keeping a car in as pristine condition as possible is important for several reasons.

One of the most important is the fact that it can extend the life of the vehicle and when it comes to selling it, potential buyers are more likely to part with their money for a motor that has been loved.

Another reason is the fact that travelling down the road in a car that looks good is a nice experience for the person driving it.

This is a point made by Larry Printz from the Virginia-Pilot, who noted it in an article for The Republic.

"A clean car is a pleasant car," he stated.

The writer recommended using car leather care on the seats and wiping down the interior surfaces to keep the cabin looking fresh and new.

Ray Cox, writing for the Christian Science Monitor, said recently that regular washing and waxing is essential however old the car is.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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