1 in 10 ‘buy their car a Christmas present’

Some drivers love their cars so much that they buy them Christmas presents, new research has revealed.

According to a survey by Manheim Auctions, one in ten Brits purchase a gift for their motor, with car air fresheners, new mats and fluffy dice among the most popular items.

Most drivers choose to give their vehicle a valet service or a good clean, which could mean products such as car waxes, car polish and alloy wheel cleaners may be good gifts to buy.

Craig Mailey, marketing director at Manheim Auctions, said that some drivers adore their cars and that while it may appear strange, what they are doing is actually a good thing.

"It might seem a little odd but in all seriousness, if it means more people are taking care of their cars, ensuring they're well looked after, it can't be a bad thing," he added.

Those looking to treat their motor this Christmas have a wealth of options from Autoglym's range of car cleaning products.

The Autoglym Concours Collection Gift Set, Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and Autoglym Pink Cosmetics for Cars Collection are just some of the products drivers can choose from.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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