Wurth Plastic Dye – Plast PT – The Professionals Choice

Author: Rob Mobberley

Plastic Dye in Black or Grey

When it comes to your cars’ looks there is nothing worse than plastic trim parts that have faded to grey or in some cases near to white. So what do the professionals turn to when seeking the back to new look on their plastic parts? For many the product of choice is Wurth Plastic Dye Plast-PT.

Go behind the scenes in many garages and bodyshops up and down the country and you will undoubtedly find a range of Wurth products being used in many of them. The reason for this is that Würth products are subject to rigorous testing before a product is brought to market and where appropriate, their products will meet or exceed DIN or TÜV specifications.

In Europe and the UK Wurth are indeed the leading supplier of car/motorcyle care and maintenance products to the automotive workshop market.

Amongst their range of professional car care products is Wurth plastic dye which is a permanent colouring product, not just a dressing. Wurth Plast PT comes in a 75ml tube and is suitable to re-colour your bumpers, vinyl and fabric soft-tops, interior plastic trimmings, rubber parts, water hoses and running boards etc.

This professionals choice of dye for plastic comes in two colours. A black plastic dye and also in anthracite, a grey dye for plastic.

So if you are looking how to dye plastic black or grey see below on how to use this product, what others say about it and how to get hold of it.

How To Apply Wurth Plastic Dye

  1. Wurth Shake well before use.
  2. Ensure temperature is above 7°C when applying (and storing product)
  3. Moisten the sponge (provided with Wurth Plast PT) with water and clean the plastic parts with its rough side.
  4. Then put plastic dye on the smooth side of the moist sponge and apply evenly on your plastic parts.
  5. Remove excess dye from trims or lacquered surfaces immediately.
  6. Once dried, plastic dye can be dissolved by applying fresh moist plastic dye.

One note of caution; you need to be mindful that Wurth plastic dye is sensitive to humidity during application. Thus you need to ensure the part to be treated is completely dry prior to application and remains dry until the dye is cured.

Wurth Plastic Dye Reviews

 Wurth Bumper Plastic Dye  Very happy with product. My Mk2 Golf GTi rear bumper was looking the worse for wear. I had tried most all other recommended fixes to no avail. This was recommended to me. The finish was very impressive. It does need a couple of coats though.    Richard – Northants

 Totally works  Ive used many products in the past that claim “bumpers like new”,but believe me,this really does work. Just did both bumpers on my sons 20 year old Nova ( Both well stained ) and they have come up like the day it came out the factory…don’t hesitate    –

 Easy application. bumpers look like new  Very easy to put on and even comes off paintwork (if removed straight away) if you mess up a bit. Hope it lasts, time will tell. Highly recommended    Mark – Jersey

Where To Buy Wurth Plastic Dyes

Because this is more of a professional workshop product than a retail product you will be hard pushed to find it in any high street or out-of-town automotive retailers. Instead you are best buying online. Click on the links below to check out the prices and reviews on Amazon.

Plastic Dye - Black or GreyWurth Plast PT Black (product code: 0893 280 1)

Wurth Plast PT Grey (anthracite) (prod code: 0893 280 2)





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