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Waterless Car Wash Products – Do They Really Work?

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

In the last few of months it has been a rare occurrence if a week has gone by where we have not been approached by a company looking for us to stock their new “waterless” car washing product.

Some extol the virtues of the “environmentally friendly” properties of the product, although reading up on many these mainly relate to the fact that it is saving water, rather than the make-up of the product itself.

Others talk up the cleaning properties of the products, although very few seem to go so far as to guarantee not to cause swirl marks on your paintwork.

So far I have resisted these products – but am I being too traditional? I admit we have always believed that for the safest wash possible as much as the dirt and grime should be washed off the vehicle with water, prior to the use of a good quality car shampoo and lambswool (or microfibre) wash mitt.

I agree that where we are talking giving the paintwork a final prep, having been driven to a show, then a good quality detailing spray and microfibre cloth (more…)