Top 10 Car Polish and Wax for Dark Coloured Cars

Author: Rob Mobberley

Best Car Polishes for Black Cars

One of the most common questions we get asked is what are the best car wax, polish and detailing products for dark or light, black, blue, red, white, green etc coloured cars. In particular black, blue and dark coloured cars seem to be some of the most popular requests for the best car wax or car polish for such colours.

It is possible to get detailing products with pigments in them for each type of colour, but these are not really necessary and are not particularly long-lasting, simply disguising the problem rather than correcting it.

That said when you get into the more serious detailing products there are a number of car waxes and car polishes that are designed for or work really well on black , blue and dark cars.

Many of the well established car polish and wax manufacturers have products designed for use on black cars, blue cars and other dark colours. These include Poorboys, Meguiars, Dodo Juice and Pinnacle Wax to name a few.

Top 10 Best Car Wax & Polish For Dark Cars Guide


Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze
Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax
Poorboys Nattys Paste Wax Blue
Dodo Juice Blue Velvet

Dodo Juice Purple Haze
Pinnacle Liquid Souveran
Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine

Collinite 915
Sonax Premium Class Carnauba Wax
Autoglym High Definition Wax

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Poorboys Black Hole

Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze is formulated exclusively for dark colored vehicles. The glaze cleans and fills light swirl marks to leave a brilliant, glossy, slick show car shine. Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze can be applied any time to hide minor imperfections and to enhance gloss on black, red, and all dark vehicles.

  Great easy to use product  I used ‘Black Hole’ on my metallic black Alfa Romeo and was delighted not only by the finished result, but how easy it was to apply and buff-up. It’s important to use a sealant afterwards for long lasting results – Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection worked very well for a mirror finish.    John – Leicestershire

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Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax

This Wax is Brilliant on Red- Awesome on Black! Developed For Dark Colour Paints.

Souverän sets the standard in surface enhancement. It is bursting with a special blend of Brazilian Ivory Carnauba and natural oils. These oils wet the paint, producing tremendous depth and richness.

Pinnacle created this wax for perfectionists like you. Souverän produces a shine that is more than just bright. It creates a liquid and 3-dimensional appearance on the paint. Souverän enhances all colours but is stunning on dark coloured cars. Reds radiate energy. Blacks take on the shimmer of an infinitely deep pool.

  My car has never looked so good  Black paintwork is very difficult to keep clean. I used a few different products from a high street store, just to try to get a lasting shine and remove very minor scratches. I asked this company for a recommendation, and ordered the wax – my car looks perfect and stays looking great for weeks.    Gary – Salisbury

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Poorboys Nattys Paste Wax Blue

Natty’s Paste Wax Blue is a very unique Carnauba wax that is long lasting and so simple to use. Natty’s Paste Wax Blue gives incredible clarity to black, blue and dark coloured paintwork, as well as protection from UV and the environment.

– Easy On/Easy Off
– Carnuba Paste Wax
– Use in Sun or Shade
– Long Lasting Formula with Patented UV Light Absorbers
– Super Clarity, Protection and Depth for all Finishes and Vehicles

  Fabulous product Top Marks on this one.  I have been detailing my cars for over 20 years have used everything from the usual turtel wax, autoglym,maguires etc, but by far this is the best shine and wax i have ever ever used! Outstanding results on my black 7 series, m5 and range rover so easy to use no effort needed, just sensational    Roland – Strabane

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Dodo Juice Blue Velvet

Dodo Juice Blue Velvet car wax, along with Purple Haze, is one of the best-selling Dodo Juice waxes, and is perfect for dark coloured cars.

And although the recipe has improved over the years, the guys at Dodo Juice felt it was time to take it to a whole new level. They added even more carnauba and some of the sealant ingredients found in Red Mist to create a supercharged version of this popular Blue Velvet car wax.

  Unbelievable product  this is a hard wax and a little difficult to get out of the pot,and is best applied in a cool shaded area away from direct sunlight and the results are stunning especially on metallic black, a mirror finish is an understatement,its more like “black chrome”,for best results clay the car first    Lady Kristal Martin

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Dodo Juice Purple Haze

Dodo Juice Purple Haze has been one of the best-selling Dodo Juice waxes from the moment it was launched, and although the recipe has improved over the years, the guys at Dodo Juice felt it was time to take it to a whole new level.

So they added more carnauba and some of the sealant ingredients found in Red Mist, and voila! A supercharged version of this legendary wax that is Purple Haze.

  Dodo purple haze  I’ve heard so many people rant on about dodo juice, so when the sample pots for this came in i thought right lets see what all the fuss is about! I would say its average in the price range it sits in,autoglym hd is similar in finish –   mark beardmore – rolleston on dove

Pinnacle Souveran Liquid Wax

Finally Liquid Souveran Wax achieves the Pinnacle of Perfection. The ease of a liquid wax with the protection and durability of a paint sealant! And quick, quick, quick!

Souveran has long stood for a level of shine and durability above and beyond all others. Now, through diligent research & development, and using the latest technology involving specific updated super-polymers, they have been able to achieve the deep, 3-D wet look of Souveran Paste Wax in a liquid form. This protective finish gives you the durability of a paint sealant and is extremely long lasting.

The beauty of this UPDATED & IMPROVED FORMULA is that you can do sections or the whole vehicle at once. On- Off- bam! Time-saving, big SUVs done in 1/2 hour!

Liquid Souveran has been field-tested in the South Florida summer sun and the results have revealed that it is highly UV resistant. Remarkable results can be achieved on any colour auto finish.

Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine

Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine Car Polish is formulated to produce a smear-free deep gloss finish on all paint types, especially darker colours.

It is also very effective on modern water-based finishes. It contains special emulsifiers and conditioners that clean and protect paintwork, leaving them clear of swirls and hazing.

– Smear Free
– Removes Swirls & Hazing

  Excellent product   Deep shine, works well on black cars. Polish vehicle before it dries to powder finish, no hard work, stand back and admire.    John Carter – West Sussex

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Collinite 915

For the BEST in wax endurance, Collinite 915 Marque D’Elegance Car Wax is the product to have.

Car enthusiasts demand a wax that is proven to protect in the most demanding environments, rain or shine, on track or on the street.

They have discovered that Collinite Marque d’Elegance 915 gives their valuable automotive investments a blinding, lasting shine because its formulated from the highest-ever concentration of pure Carnauba waxes. And no abrasives means all Collinite waxes are absolutely clear coat safe.

  Only the best!  I was impressed by the effect in the black surface and the water shield.   Marco Aurélio – Brazil

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Sonax Premium Carnauba Wax

Sonax top of the range premium quality wax protectant for new and nearly new paintwork.

Protects against adverse weather and other environmental hazards, reduces adhesion of insects. Visible water run off effect. The highly concentrated carnauba wax maintains the paint lacquer and provides a dazzling high gloss. The new formula is easily polished out without leaving greasy streaks.

Includes applicator pad and premium quality microfibre polishing cloth.

Autoglym High Definition Wax

Designed to be used on fine quality paintwork where the owner wishes to achieve a concours winning shine. Autoglym High Definition Wax imparts a lustre and depth of shine normally only found on the most expensive hand built cars.

Auto Glym High Definition Wax contains a carefully balanced complex blend of durable polymers, Carnauba and microcrystalline waxes, combined with selected solid saturated hydrocarbons and oils.

Surfaces treated with High Definition Wax display very high gloss combined with exceptional resistance to environmental contaminants e.g. salt, detergents, UV light, acid rain, industrial fallout, etc.

The product is completely free of abrasives, water and emulsifiers.

  Best car polish on the market  I started buying this product when it was first available. Gulped at the price but respect Auto Glym’s reputation. I was not disappointed the tub lasted for 2years, polishing a large luxury car monthly. The shine is true HD. Don’t hesitate buy it you will not be dissapointed.    Graham – Warwickshire

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Over to You:

Do you have your own preference for a glaze, wax or polish for dark coloured cars? If so please let us know by posting your own preference in a comment to this post below.

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  • R Dale

    I have a black Saab Convertible and recently tried a product called Turtlewax black box. It contains 3 products a black polish, detailer spray and a black carnuba wax. The process takes around 4 hours and the results are outstanding, the car looked like brand new and very very shiny.
    If you own a black car it’s the one to use.

  • Casey Schletz

    For all the steps of the waxing process I’ve found the Best Car Waxes and wax products can really make or break how your paint turns out. I’ve been an auto detailer for 9 years and really focus on paint restoration and how to properly wax paint. I enjoy articles like this one on wax. Nice post!

  • hussain

    let me know about car wax ,my car colour is gun metalic gray, i need shine tell me which wax is best.?

  • Stuart

    I just trie the turtle wax black box on my 1999 mercedes convertible and it did a great job

  • http://- Wally

    Of the 11 references NONE identified a polish for a green car.

    Must try harder Mr Mobberley

  • Randy

    I have a 99 Black Lamborghini Diablo roadster & use all the products from Adams. there wax. polishers, detail spray, leather treatment, etc… is by far the best i have used & I have tried many. also a Dealer told me to use windex on my wheels & it works great.

    • Rob Mobberley

      Randy thanks for your comment. What a great motor your have – one may of us dream about owning. I first came across Adams nearly 10 years ago and spoke with Adam at that time on a few occasions. His products were great back then and I imagine even better today. If ever there was a decision I regret not making, it would have to be not bringing them into the UK when I first tried them all that time back. Rob