Preparing and Protecting Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage

Author: Rob Mobberley

If you are based in the UK or elsewhere with a similar climate, you will no doubt have felt the sudden drop in temperatures in these last couple of weeks, as well as seen the first frosts and ice of the winter period.

Having decided now is the time to rest up your bike for the winter, what steps should you take in preparing your motorcycle for winter storage ?

  1. One of the main reasons for starting problems encountered when the first rays of spring occur is a build up of deposits, oxidation and corrosion in the fuel system during long periods of storage. Before finally putting your motorcycle under wraps, add a good quality carb and fuel system cleaner such as Profi Fuel Max and take a last 10 mile ride.  This will help clean through the carburetor and fuel system and protect it from the build up of deposits and corrosion. Next…
  2. Give your motorbike a good pre-winter detailing. We recommend a thorough clean and degrease with a good quality bike wash. Quality brands include S100, Muc-Off, Pro Clean and Autoglym.
  3. Ensure your bike is throughly dried off. If you are unable to stretch to one of the new breed of warm air motorcycle dryers like the Atom Motorcyle Dryer, if you have a leaf blower these can always come in handy at this point, provided there is no dirt or dust in them or use good quality microfibre drying towel.
  4. Spray your bike with a corrosion protectant to help protect it from any damp during the winter period. There are a wide range of products available for this including S100 Corrosion Protectant, Pro Clean Pro-Tectionor Wurth Corrosion Protection Spray.Motorcycle Chain Brush - specially designed for the job
  5. If chain driven, give your chain or a through clean with a chain cleaning solution to remove any build up of grease, muck and dust. A  specially designed Chain Cleaning Brush comes in very handy at this point and makes a usually awkward job that much easier.
  6. Apply a coating of dry chain lube to your chain. The choice of dry lube ensures that you do not get any dust build up and sticking to your chain over the winter period. Two excellent motorcycle dry chain lubes include Profi Dry Lube and Wurth High Performance Dry Chain Lube.
  7. At this stage and if time allows we would also recommend an oil flush and filter change.
  8. Next clean and check the tightness of your battery terminals and apply a coating of terminal protectant such as Wurth CU 800 . Consider protecting your battery with a Battery Tender. Unlike standard battery chargers these clever devices can be kept attached to the battery during the whole winter period and use clever electronics to constantly monitor your batteries charge and condition and apply just the right amount of charge to keep it in optimum condition and pro-long the life of the battery. It will also ensure that your battery is in perfect condition for that first start of spring next year.
  9. You are now ready to put your bike into storage for the winter. The final step is to ensure your tyres are not resting permanently on concrete to avoid the danger of them cracking or rotting in one spot. If you do not have any motorcycle stands consider resting them up on pieces of wood instead. And finally cover with a good quality breathable motorbike cover.

Applying these steps should ensure that your bike is safely stored over the winter period and protected from the extremes of winter temperatures and the long period of standing, ready to be enjoyed again next spring.


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