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Top 8 Car Polish and Wax for White, Silver and Light Coloured Cars

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Best Polish and Wax For White and Light Coloured CarsAre you looking for the best car polish and/or wax product for your white, silver or light coloured paintwork? It is a question that we get asked at least once or twice a week and as the owner of a white coloured motor myself I know what a pain it can be to keep it looking gleaming all year round.

The problem, especially with white is how to get that deep wet look shine in the first place and then to have last as long as possible. As with many things the quality of the finished look is mainly in the preparation, but there are a number of products that come top of our list to give you that mirror like shine – even on white.

Although very popular in many of the large motor stores, the polishes and waxes with added colourants, including the whites often do not really cut it in terms of the shine they are able to deliver. You have to remember that many of todays modern cars have a clearcoat layer on top of your coloured paint and it is this that you are polishing and waxing to bring through the brightness of the colour underneath. Thus adding a colour on-top can have the opposite effect.

Here is our top 8 list of the best car polish and wax products for your white, silver or light coloured car: (more…)

Car Tyre Dressing Review | Pinnacle Black Onynx vs Poorboys Bold n Bright Gel

Friday, June 10th, 2011
Car Tyre Dressing Review: Pinnacle Black Onyx Tyre Gel vs Poorboys Bold N Bright Tyre Gel

Two Popular Tyre Gels Go Head to Head

This is a guest blog post kindly written by Mark Beardmore, one of our regular contributors and longstanding detailing enthusiast. Mark is an experienced detailer and has tried and tested many new products as they come to the market. For this car tyre dressing review, Mark has thoroughly tested and reviewed two car tyre dressings from well known manufacturers; Poorboys Bold n Bright Tyre Gel and Pinnacle Black Onyx Tyre Gel. (more…)

Top 10 Car Polish and Wax for Dark Coloured Cars

Monday, August 9th, 2010


One of the most common questions we get asked is what are the best car wax, polish and detailing products for dark or light, black, blue, red, white, green etc coloured cars. In particular black, blue and dark coloured cars seem to be some of the most popular requests for the best car wax or car polish for such colours.

It is possible to get detailing products with pigments in them for each type of colour, but these are not really necessary and are not particularly long-lasting, simply disguising the problem rather than correcting it.

That said when you get into the more serious detailing products there are a number of car waxes and car polishes that are designed for or work really well on black , blue and dark cars.

Many of the well established car polish and wax manufacturers have products designed for use on black cars, blue cars and other dark colours. These include Poorboys, Meguiars, Dodo Juice and Pinnacle Wax to name a few.