How to Remove Scuff Marks from Car Door Plastic & Vinyl Trim in 3 Easy Steps

Author: Rob Mobberley

How to remove scuff marks from car doorsHas the constant in and out of your car left you with those really annoying scuff marks on your car interior door trims?

Are you finding them a little difficult to remove? The trouble is a lot of trims have a grain in them, which when receiving the occasional bash of your shoes or boots forces the dirt deep into grain. This makes it much harder to remove with just a damp cloth or your trim cleaner alone. There is however help at hand which makes removing many of these scuffs marks a doddle.

It comes in the form of the latest microcell sponge technology or commonly referred to as Magic Sponge.

This type of foam was originally manufactured by BASF and used in sound-proofing and insulation.

It has however recently been shown to have amazing cleaning properties due to its structure which can be likened to a maze of fine microscopic strands which are able to get into the tiny grooves and pits of plastic and vinyl trims.

These sponges effectively have an extremely fine abrasive quality enabling them to remove otherwise “uncleanable” marks and scuffs from your trims.

So How Do You Use a Magic Sponge?

Microcell Magic Sponge for removing scuffs & marks from plastic & vinyl car door trims
  1.  Dampen the sponge with either water or your trim cleaner
  2.  Rub over the offending marks on your cars plastic or vinyl interior door trim until the marks have disappeared
  3.  Wipe a clean damp cloth over the cleaned area to remove any residue and then dry off.

Its as simple as that.

To make it more effective I recommend using your interior trim cleaner to dampen the sponge, as well as lightly spraying it onto the affected trim panel(s).

One of my personal favourite interior trim cleaners, as I have mentioned in other posts is Meguiars Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner and Conditioner, which is even more effective on hard to remove marks, when used with a Magic Sponge.

If you haven’ already heard of this Meguiars product you can discover more about it, as well as other similar products in my previous guide to some of the best car interior cleaners

Magic sponges can also be put to may other uses. I have also personally used them to great effect to remove the greasy dirty finger marks the kids leave on painted walls.

They can also effectively remove crayon and marker pen and other dirty marks from painted walls and wooden surfaces, floor and walls tiles etc.

Although safe to use on such surfaces we would not recommend use on highly gloss finishes such as your cars paintwork etc, as the fine abbrassive quality whilst perfectly okay on harder plastic trim will dull your clearcoat and polished paint finish.

When purchasing magic sponges to remove your scuffs and marks from car plastic & vinyl (or other surfaces) it is worth noting that by the nature of their cleaning action they wear away similar to when using a rubber eraser and thus can either be purchased individually or in multiple packs.

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