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Dodo Juice Diamond White Carnauba Car Wax

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Dodo Juice Diamond White Carnauba Wax

Dodo Juice Diamond White is a carnauba paste wax specifically formulated and blended to get a crystal clear wet look shine from white, silver and light coloured cars.

Sometimes mistakenly referred to as Dodo Juice White Diamond and not to be confused with the Poorboys glaze of that same name, Diamond White is a blend of white beeswax, micronised carnauba and natural oils to bring out the very best in what are difficult colours to get deep shine on.

Dodo Diamond White is classed as a “Hard” carnauba wax. This doesn’t mean that it is hard to use but instead refers to the fact that it produces a hard wax coat protection on your car, truck or bike.

The finish you get with Dodo Juice Diamond White is a crystal clear amazing gloss. Take a look at the video below and you will see just what I mean. (more…)

Is the Car Detailing Products Market Becoming Overcrowded?

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

In the last week I have received 5 approaches to stock new ranges of car detailing products, 2 of these I was already aware of as they have a small presence in the market, but 3 of them I have never previously encountered. So why the sudden flurry of new entrants to the market. For years the detailing products market was dominated by a handful of players including household names such as Autoglym & Turtle Wax. Then 10 years ago Meguiars entered the UK market and really started to shake things up with new and innovative products, more eye catching packaging and very targeted marketing aimed at those of us that took cleaning our motors very seriously. (more…)

Top 8 Car Polish and Wax for White, Silver and Light Coloured Cars

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Best Polish and Wax For White and Light Coloured CarsAre you looking for the best car polish and/or wax product for your white, silver or light coloured paintwork? It is a question that we get asked at least once or twice a week and as the owner of a white coloured motor myself I know what a pain it can be to keep it looking gleaming all year round.

The problem, especially with white is how to get that deep wet look shine in the first place and then to have last as long as possible. As with many things the quality of the finished look is mainly in the preparation, but there are a number of products that come top of our list to give you that mirror like shine – even on white.

Although very popular in many of the large motor stores, the polishes and waxes with added colourants, including the whites often do not really cut it in terms of the shine they are able to deliver. You have to remember that many of todays modern cars have a clearcoat layer on top of your coloured paint and it is this that you are polishing and waxing to bring through the brightness of the colour underneath. Thus adding a colour on-top can have the opposite effect.

Here is our topĀ 8 list of the best car polish and wax products for your white, silver or light coloured car: (more…)