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Draper Best Car Vacuum CleanerWe’ve all been there, lugging the household vacuum cleaner across the driveway or up onto your car seats, only to find the cable was too short or the tools too wide and at which point you wished you had the best car vacuum for the job in hand.

Our interactive guide of car vacs below and the analysis that follows will hopefully help you decide what the best car vacuum cleaner is for you.

Whether it is a corded wet and dry vac for deep down car interior cleaning or a portable cordless car vacuum for a quick but effective run over to pick up all the bits, dust and pet hairs on your seats and carpet.

When is comes to choosing the best car vacuum we all have our own list of and ideas of what will make the ideal car vacuum for our needs but it’s not so easy to find all the information we need in one place.

So we’re here to help with our interactive guide below which will allow you to compare the best car vacuum cleaners on the market today in one easy to understand format:

To make things even easier we have split the guides between the best corded wet and dry car vacs and a separate page for the best handheld car vacuum cleaners (to follow).

Best Car Vacuum Comparison Guide – Wet and Dry Vacs

Car Vacuum
Capacity (L)
Weight (Kg)Power
Power Cord
Length (M)
Length (M)
Draper 36313 Wall Mountable

189.4150047 (3 +4)£££★★★★★
Nilfisk DIY 30t Multi Wet/ Dry Vacuum
nilfisk car vac
Clarke Pro Vac King CVAC20SS
Vac King Best Car Vacuum Guide
Silverline Wet & Dry Car Vacuum
Silverline Car Vacuum
Karcher WD 3.300M
Karcher WD 3.300 M Wet & Dry Car Vac
Sealey PC200 20L Car Vacuum
Sealey PC200 Best Car Vacuum
FEIN Dustex 25
Fein Dusttex 25
Numatic GVE370-2 George 3 in 1
Numatic George GVE370-2 Car Vacuum Cleaner
Sealey PC100
Sealey PC100
Kärcher WD5.200MP
Karcher Car Vac WD 5.200 MP
Draper 06489
Draper Car Vacuum
Vacmaster VQ1220PFC
Vacmaster Car Vac
JCB 70340 Wet and Dry
JCB Wet & Dry Vac Great For Cars
Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Multivax
Vax Best Car Vacuum

Included in the matrix are 8 columns:

The vac picture – (click to view more details or to purchase)
Vacuum brand and name/model – (click to view more details or to purchase)
Tank Capacity – this is usually the overall tank volume capacity measured in litres (L)
Vacuum Weight – kilogrammes
Motor Power – power of the vacuum motor in watts (W)
Power Cord Length – how long the reach of the plug cable is in meters (M)
Hose Length – the reach of the hose supplied with the car vac in meters (M)
Price – these are approximate prices on These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more. But generally speaking: £ = under £50, ££ = £50 to £100, £££ = £101 to £150, ££££ = £151-£200, £££££ = £200+
Rating – the average user rating on This can be very helpful in deciding if people are satisfied with their purchase. Where a rating is not available on we have used the test rating from the Autoexpress best car vacuum test of 2013.

*Click on any of the columns to sort the data to help make your decision easier

Choosing a Car Vacuum Cleaner That Meets Your Needs

It can be a daunting task to select the right vac for your needs. That is why we put together the above comparison table of many of top car vacuum cleaners on the market today. To make it even more helpful we have designed the guide to be sortable in the various different column headings.

For you it may be the power that matters most, for others it may be the price bracket or overall ratings. Whatever your selection criteria for choosing the right car vacuum for your needs we hope our guide will be extremely useful in helping you make that choice.

Review of the Top 5 Car Vacuum Cleaners

Most of the vacs included in our guide table are excellent options; but there are a few that we felt we needed to point out as our favorites. Below you will find our top 5 choices for overall best car vacuum together with a bit more of a detailed review of each. So without further ado, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of these fine machines.

Draper Wall Mountable Car Vac

Draper Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

The Draper WDV18 Wet & Dry Vac is definitely one of the best car vacuum cleaners dedicated to the job. With a total 7M hose reach it provides one of the longest reaches available to the car enthusiast. Not only that it also has a powerful 15ooW motor and a fair size tank capacity. And if that wasn’t enough the tool storage design is fantastic, ensuring that all the tools you need are right at hand, easily accessible and can be stored away without getting lost right after use.

The only slight drawback of this machine is if your partner wants you to get something that they can also use around the house. However on the flip side; being wall mountable in your garage or workshop is also another great feature of this popular cleaner. The Draper Wall Mountable Vac also achieved the runner-up spot in the Autoexpress 2013 Car Vacuum Cleaner Best Buy Awards. The winner of that award being the Nilfisk 30T – our second choice (see below).

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Nilfisk Multi 30T Vacuum

nilfisk car vacThe Nilfisk Multi 30T packs real value with a 30L tank, a 1800W motor and a great price point is a real contender for the top spot in our best car vacuum review, especially if mentioned above you are looking for a multi purpose machine. It also has great specifications including a dust extraction for use with power tools as well as a blow function to help blast out the dust and debris from hard to reach areas of your car.

The 30L tank capacity is also one of the largest available in a car vacuum at this price range. The only feature we would have hoped to see a higher spec. for would be the length of the hose (2M). Although you could easily argue this is made up for with the 5M power cord. Tool storage on the Nilfisk is also very good although in our opinion not quite as well laid out as in the Draper.

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Silverline Wet and Dry Vacuum

Silverline Car VacuumWhat we really like about the Silverline Wet & Dry Vac is the build quality with its big 30L shiny stainless steel tank which packs an equally large capacity as the Nilfisk above. The motor is not quite as powered, coming in at 1500W but it is also 3kg lighter if portability is an important factor in your choice of the best car vacuum to tick your boxes.

Some detailed thinking has gone into the specification of this more than capable machine including a dust sealed on/off switch. If you are looking for a machine that is also great for workshop use the Silverline also incorporates an aux socket for extracting dust from your power tools and blower mode. Overall a well-built sturdy machine, with great features and worthy of consideration for your car.

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 Clarke Pro Vac King CVAC20SS Vacuum

Vac King Best Car Vacuum GuideIf you are looking for a budget machine with some good specification the Clarke Pro Vac King CVAC20SS is a vacuum worth considering. Like the Silverline it has a nice stainless steel tank but with a smaller capacity of 20L and not as many features, such as a blower function. Although the motor does come in at a powerful mid-range of 1400W.

With a hose length of 2.5M and power cord reach of 4M it also has a pretty good overall reach, but at 6.5kg is heavier than the Silverline. A good all round dual purpose vacuum for car and home use.

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 Karcher WD 5.200MP Vacuum

Karcher Car Vac WD 5.200 MPWhen looking at machines for cleaning your car you would expect a Karcher to appear in a top 5 list somewhere and with the WD 5.200 they do not disappoint.

With an impressive range of features the only reason the Karcher is at our 5th spot is because of its price point. Now if price is not an issue, with a 25L capacity tank, 1600W motor and  blower function combined with the Karcher reputation for reliability and build quality this vacuum cleaner is a serious contender.

Similar to some of the others above it also works great in the workshop with the added functionality of a socket for your power tools to control dust extraction. And again we liked the robust stainless steel tank construction of this quality vac.

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Your Turn

Having looked at the options and reviewed our top choices for the best car vacuum currently on the market, it’s up to you to pick the one that meets your needs, or those of your partner, friend or relative is buying for a gift. Not forgetting which one fits into your budget.

With developments in technology and materials, new vacuums are being launched all the time and with this in mind it will be our intention to update the comparison chart above as new car vacuum cleaners need to be added to the list.

However if you feel we have missed a great quality vac that needs to be included on the list of best car vacuum cleaners, please let me know using the comments box below!


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