Comma and Armor All Glass Cleaner Take Top Two Places in Auto Express Best Buy Test

Author: Rob Mobberley

Auto Express Glass Cleaner Test 2011This week saw the publication of the Auto Express test, which put 14 of the the UKs most popular car glass cleaners in a head to head battle for their Best Buy 2011 award. The top spot going to Comma Glass Cleaner, closely followed by Armor All Glass Cleaner.  But what were the winning qualities of these and the other products tested? We take a closer look at the overall results and also bring you some of our own thoughts as to which ones we recommend…

The main focus of the test was the removal of the oily film that builds up on the inside of the screen. They painted painted one side of the pane to reveal any residue and tackled a strip with each product using a covered foam pad (to ensure even pressure) with minimal amount of product.

Three products were tested side by side at a time and the results of five attempts were then taken before a final test on a standard interior glass. Testers advised that whilst price was taken into consideration the results were weighted towards the performance of each product.

Keeping its crown from the 2008 test the Comma Glass Cleaner took the top spot Best Buy Award 2011 by a slim margin, providing great cleaning ability but combined with a larger than average 750ml bottle, making it the overall winner.

Another benefit of the the Comma cleaner was the fact it can be used just as effectively with either a microfibre or just a simple paper towel if you do not have a microfibre to hand.

Extremely close behind was the Armorall Glass Cleaner 500ml, taking the Recommended 2011 award and which testers agreed for cleaning power alone this “is the one to go for”, making light work of the tests without any streaking.

Again this one can be used with either a paper towel or microfibre. The only thing that let it down being the size of bottle compared to the Comma.

In third place was Angelwax Superior which scored higher on price but also “did well” in the overall tests. Four stars were also awarded to Meguiars NXT Glass Cleaner where testers advised that it “does the job” but although coming in a large 710ml appears to have lost out on a top spot due to the price.

Until a year or so ago this one was our personal favourites and one that we would put in our own top 3 list. Sonax also got four stars, doing a “great job on grease and oil, especially in-car”.

Surprising a former winner in this class – Autoglym Fast Glass only managed 3 stars in this years test with testers advising that the relatively high price did Fast Glass “no favours” and finding it harder going in the tougher tests.

Other products tested included:

Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol – 4 stars
Simoniz Protection – 4 stars
Halfords Glass Cleaner – 4 stars
Triplewax Glass Shine – 3 stars
Auto Finesse Crystal Glass – 3 stars
Spautopia Purex – 3 stars
Mer Rapid Glass – 3 stars
Turtle Wax Ice – 3 stars

Although there are many other glass cleaners on the market we were very surprised that Stoner Invisible Glass was not included in the test.

This is the product that took our own top spot for glass cleaners and one that we always carry with us for both internal and external glass cleaning. The Stoner provides incredible cleaning power and leaves the glass so crystal clear that it warrants its name “invisible” glass.

We were also a little surprised to find the test concentrating on internal glass. Whilst it is understandable that a more evenly “dirty” surface can be found on the inside for testing purposes I believe more car owners are interested in how effective glass cleaners are on the caked on bugs and other grime that hit their screens on a daily basis.

On this basis our own top 3 places would go to:

  1. Stoner Invisible Glass
  2. Meguiars Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner
  3. Sonax Glass Cleaner


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