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How to Clean, Care For and Store your Chamois Leather

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

How To Clean, Store & Care For Chamois Leathers

Do you find your chamois leather quickly starts to fall to pieces? Have you recently purchased or received one as a gift and are wondering how do you go about cleaning, caring for and storing your chamois leather?

The chamois leather (“Shammy”) is extremely popular choice for drying cars, boats, truck and motorcycles, but unfortunately many end up in pieces in the bin through improper care and storage.

Popular belief is that a “shammy leather” should be stored damp in a sealed container or plastic bag to keep it soft. Unfortunately for many that choose to do this they quickly find that when they next come to use it, large holes have appeared or it has fallen to bits completely.

This is because real chamois leather is a natural substance usually made of sheep or lamb skin and as such will rot if not kept and stored in the right way. Below I advise how best to care for and store your chamois leather. (more…)

Save Time – Five Quickest Ways To Dry Your Car

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Quickest Ways To Dry Cars

There once was a time when only a few  choices existed to dry your car; a chamois leather, old rags or T-shirts or just leave it to dry naturally. However to avoid those annoying water marks and potential swirls you need to remove the water as quickly and safely as you can.

Fortunately there are now a number of other methods an tools that will help you achieve this that we will explore in more detail in this post.

In previous posts we have suggested “sheeting” water across your car as a final rinse.

Well not only does the sheeting work to remove any last minute bits of dust that may have landed on your car but also it serves to remove the beads of water that sit on your paint work.

The benefit of this is twofold. (more…)