Best Alloy Wheel Cleaner – Bilbery vs P21s Powergel Test Review

Author: Rob Mobberley

Best Alloy Wheel Cleaner Test ReviewFor many years the German made P21s Powergel was widely regarded as one of the best alloy wheel cleaner products available. The acid free gel formula being able to cling to the wheels longer than most liquid sprays and highly effective at removing that annoying build-up of black brake dust on your alloys.

Then a couple of years ago UK company Valet Pro introduced Bilberry Wheel Cleaner which rapidly gained a large following amongst car detailers and enthusiasts alike, as a challenger to be considered as the best alloy wheel cleaner. Although not a gel formula Valet Pro Bilberry is a highly effective acid free alloy wheel cleaner which like the P21s is much safer to use on your alloys than acid based wheel cleaners.

But which one is the best alloy wheel cleaner? To find out we put both products in a head to head test on a set of alloys which had not been cleaned for over 3 months and which had not had any kind of wheel wax or sealant applied to them.

Whats-more the vehicle, a VW T4 Transporter has been used on a daily 80 mile round trip commute during the week, parked roadside and based in the countryside where the roads were a constant source of road muck and grime.

And if that was not enough for our best alloy wheel cleaner challenge this particular T4 is an automatic so has a heavy reliance on the application of the brakes throughout the journeys.

The test was video’d with the wheel being split in two halves with low adhesion detailers tape and the valet pro bilberry alloy wheel cleaner being sprayed onto one side and the P21s onto the other.

Both were applied to the wheels dry and without the benefit of a pre-wash or soak. Both wheel cleaners were left on for 5 minutes and then jet washed off for a look at the initial results.

A soft microfibre wheel brush i.e. one without any stiff bristles, was then used to get into the narrow curves between the spokes of these particular wheels followed by a final rinse with the jet wash to remove any remaining cleaner.

Which Is The Best Alloy Wheel Cleaner ?

The results of this head to head test to establish which of these two could be considered the best alloy wheel cleaner can be seen in the following short video:


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