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Collinite 845 Surprise Winner in Auto Express Car Wheel Wax Test

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Collinite-845-Auto_express-Best-Buy-Award-Winner-2011Anyone with alloy wheels will be well aware of the time and effort required to keep them gleaming and the corrosive effect that brake dust and other muck & grime can have on them. In order to help solve this problem a wide range for wheel waxes and wheel sealants have sprung onto the market in recent years.

All aimed at keeping your wheels looking good for longer and protecting them from these corrosive elements. In a recent test Auto Express put 12 of the most popular wheel waxes through their paces with a surprise winner – Collinite No. 845. So which ones were test, what were the results and why was the winner such a surprise?


Comma and Armor All Glass Cleaner Take Top Two Places in Auto Express Best Buy Test

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Auto Express Glass Cleaner Test 2011This week saw the publication of the Auto Express test, which put 14 of the the UKs most popular car glass cleaners in a head to head battle for their Best Buy 2011 award. The top spot going to Comma Glass Cleaner, closely followed by Armor All Glass Cleaner.  But what were the winning qualities of these and the other products tested? We take a closer look at the overall results and also bring you some of our own thoughts as to which ones we recommend… (more…)

How to Choose the Best Alloy Wheel Brush for your Car

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Choosing The Best Alloy Wheel Brush

You have just bought yourself a nice set of shiny new alloys or better still a new car with a nice set of rims and now want to ensure they stay clean using the best alloy wheel brush you can get your hands on.

But which one is the best for your rims? In a recent Auto Express product review their testers looked at a range of car wheel brushes on the market in order to decide which is the best buy.

Their choice was the Muc-Off Wheel & Component Brush – but is it necessarily the best alloy wheel brush for you and how does it compare to others?… (more…)