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About Performance MotorcarePerformance Motorcare was born out of three things, the purr of a perfect engine note, the gleam of a perfect shine and a passion to provide the very best products with a service that Ali and I would expect to receive as customers ourselves – and believe me that’s some standard.

It all began with my first car, a classic MG Midget 1974 round wheel arch. It was my absolute pride and joy. So much so I would be out nearly every weekend, cleaning, polishing and working on it.

Then a couple of mates got jobs at local car dealers and we soon discovered that many of the dealers were happy to turnaround their trade-ins as quickly as possible. So we started buying a few that simply needed some TLC i.e a good wash, polish, wax and interior spruce up.

It was from there I began to learn the art of detailing. A short while later and a trip to the US, I made a discovery, which share more about in my free detailing guides, that would change the course of my detailing forever.

Then some 12+ years ago I was introduced to what was then a new “miracle product”, the microfibre cloth and armed with one of these new cloths, one computer, small bedroom and an eBay account, the rest as they say – is history.

It hasn’t always been easy. We’ve been cut off twice by floods, been through 4 office moves (one from the bedroom to a shed in the garden!) and far too many red bulls to count.

We became one of the first and at one stage one of the largest independent detailing product retailers in the UK, and although we now no-longer distribute products from our own premises we are still as passionate about what we do now as we were then.

That’s why we keep doing what we do and providing you with guides, news and access to the products you need.

We really hope you find what you are looking for on our site.

Best wishes

Rob & Ali


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