Meguiars Ultimate Compound – Super Effective Car Paint Restorer

December 21st, 2014

Meguiars Ultimate Compound

Meguiars Ultimate Compound was launched into the car care market back in 2009 and quickly established itself as a high performing product.

Not only is it highly effective when it comes to restoring tired and neglected paint finishes but Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound also steps up to the mark where others fail in removing bird poop marks, water stains, tree sap and other annoying blemishes you sometimes find on your paintwork.

Meguiars Ultimate Compound uses a proprietary technology they have termed “Super Micro Abrasives”.

Although Meguiars are understandably very secretive about the details, essentially Ultimate Compound  uses a special blend of extremely fine abrasives that do not breakdown the more you rub like the Diminishing Abrasives found in some of their polishing products. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Essential Do’s and Don’ts Of Successful Car Detailing

November 29th, 2014

10 Essentials Of Successful Car Detailing

Car detailing is the art of getting your cherished motor looking as near to, and in many cases better than the day it was driven out of the showroom.

Whether you are seeking absolute perfection, to go one better than the next door neighbour or simply to look after and protect the value of your pride and joy, there are a number of key steps required to get and keep your vehicle looking like new.

This article forms part of the introduction to car detailing from our Detailing Guide series. Here I kick-start you with my 10 essential do’s and don’ts of successful car detailing.

If you follow and keep to these suggestions it will make your detailing much much easier and more enjoyable as well as avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes that I made as I was learning the ropes. Read the rest of this entry »

Poorboys White Diamond Show Car Glaze For Light Coloured Cars

November 22nd, 2014

Poorboys White Diamond For White Silver & Light Cars

If you’re on this page and you have a white, silver or other light colour paintwork on your vehicle, you will know like me how difficult it can be to get that real deep clean shine, where all you can normally see are masses of dulling swirl marks.

Enter Poorboys White Diamond Show Car Glaze, a real game changer when it comes to polishing light coloured paint.

Poorboys White Diamond is a formulation of gentle paint cleaners which remove grime and grease from the fine swirls in your paint.

These are combined with special fillers which smooth over the cleaned swirls to make your paintwork look perfectly smooth ready for your wax or sealant, giving your vehicle that deep gloss diamond like shine.

What’s more Poorboys White Diamond can be applied by hand or machine as well in the sun or in the shade. It really is an extremely versatile and effective product. Read the rest of this entry »