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Autoglym Magic Sponge Scuff and Mark Remover

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Autoglym Magic Sponge

Autoglym Magic Sponge

Need to remove stubborn scuffs and blemishes from your vinyl or plastic interior trim? Look no further. The Autoglym Magic Sponge will remove scuff marks that traditional cleaners won't budge.

Simply dampen with water, rub it over the offending marks and you will be amazed at the power this sponge has to remove those stubborn marks you have been looking to get rid of.

Autoglym Magic Sponge is ideal for removing scuffs and marks from interior door panels, kick plates, luggage compartments, boot, estate car load area, seat backs and similar surfaces in trucks, buses, boats, caravans and also around the home.

Customer Reviews

  Perfect  This sponge will turn a shiny old leather steering wheel into a box fresh looking matt wheel. Cheapest on the net including delivery.    -

  magic sponge  great product at a bargain price,thanks    reg - cheshire

  Yes it works  Does what is says, is it an autoglym product ? judging by the photocopy instructions and a plastic bag it could be anybodies. (PMC note: Autoglym supply these in packs of 10 - to retail individually we re-package singularly and insert copy of instructions from the bulk pack)    Biffa - Leigh

  Great Product  I have a Corvette with a cashmere leather interior and it is the best product I know of to safely remove scuff marks.    Peter - Dandenong North, Australia

   would thoroughly recommend this product.  Tried it on scratches on my wife's toyota IQ interior trim [prone to scratching]took it very gently, did not remove completely but combined with treatment with Smart dressing now almost invisable.    r. johnston - Portree, Isle of Skye

  It Works !!  Another top item from autoglym    Graham -

  Excellent Product  There doesn't seem to be anything this product can't clean. You simply cut the require amount off and wet slightly and rub (lightly) and watch the marks vanish. This has proved useful in the kitchen too to clean stubborn marks off stainless steel such as the kettle.    -

  Works very well  Does what it says,ihave got a light trim inside car i tried most things with no luck until i used magic sponge all black scuffs gon great.    Paul - Worcester

  Good Performer.  Depending on the grain, surface trexture of the plastic trim concerned - this likkle sponge will help 'reduce' those nasty scores and scuffs. As said previously, it will struggle will any deep defects and can leave a matted effect if you rub too vigorously. Best to dress the plastic afterwards.    Phil Murphy - Moray, Scotland

  It works  Nice bit of kit. Well worth a couple of quid.    Roy - west midlands

PerformanceMotorcare | Car Interior Cleaning Products | Vinyl & Rubber care |  Autoglym Magic Sponge Scuff and Mark Remover