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Windscreen Scratch Repair Kit (Wiper Blade Damage)

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Windscreen Scratch Repair Kit (WiperBlade Damage)

Windscreen Scratch Repair Kit (WiperBlade Damage)

This 3" DIY Glass Repair Kit is ideal for most scuffs and scratches left by your wiper blades or on side windows.

Our easiest to use and best selling kit, removes minor scratches and scuffs from damage left from the wiper blades on your windscreen.

Also can be used for side windows where damage has been left by electric windows.

This kit has been made to be used on all types of vehicle glass. Kit is used with standard household drill.The kit comes with full instructions and is easy to use.

To remove wiper blade marks from your windscreen has never been so easy, Just give the windscreen a good clean and use the components of the kit to polish the windscreen.

This kit allows the polishing of the windscreen and removes the scuffs and marks left by the repeated use of the wiper blades.

The use of this kit will leave no damage or distortion to the glass.

Kit Contains:

1 x Instructions
1 x 3" Backing Pad
2 x 3" Felt Polishing Pad
1 x 50ml Polish Compound
1 x Polishing Cloth

Customer Reviews

  Well pleased  My windscreen was quite scratched , although not deep they were enough for me to consider a new screen. With a bit of patience the ikit has removed 99.9% of the scratches. If I did it again I would cover the surrounding area as parts of the car ended up splattered! I highly recommend this kit.    Bob winter - Teesside

  brilliant product  Bought this product as I was quoted over 120 to get the wiper blade scratches off my van window.followed the instructions which came with the scratch kit and within an hour my van windscreen was scratch free.amazing product which I would highly recommended to everyone.thanks performance motorcare.    mark foggarty - Worcester

  Excellent at dimishing scratches  Having bought a new car with substantial scratches to the rear screen I decided to give this kit a try, it does take a bit of time to work the polish in but after numerous passes with a makita drill, prob taking 3 hours or so the screen is now 95% better. For the price its a brilliant bit of kit    Pete - Solihull

  Well pleased  I bought the repair kit to remove some light but annoying wiper scratches that were letting my car down. Following the instructions provided, the marks were removed almost entirely within an hour. It's very satisfying to see a DIY job well done!    Bob Winter - Teesside

  Excellent Product  Just did what it said. I was a little nervous attacking the windscreen of my car with an electric drill but 20 minutes later the annoying scratch was gone! It really was that easy.    Richard - Macclesfield

  Excellent Product - No hesitation in recommending   I have just removed two full length scratches and have probably saved myself 600. Do the job in the garage and allow a couple of hours - dont try to rush. You will have to wash the car as it goes everywhere - BUT IT WORKS.    Ian Mc - Scotland

  excellent customer relationship  does what it states on the tin... good professional service. good delivery and packaging. I wish all internet suppliers showed as much care and assistance    arthur - biggleswade

  Good product,Great service  Product worked well at getting wiper damage out of windscreen and getting car through MOT. Service was great,product received next day and that was Saturday!    -

  excellent product  This kit is excellent and saved me having to buy a new windscreen. The compound tended to fly off the pad when using my drill. In the end I finished the polishing by hand (takes a long time & you get arm ache, but it works !)    Michael Dandridge - Chichester

  Worth a try !  .The rear heated screen on my Golf estate had a fairly deep scratch across the arc. I used a small rechargabe drill and did it over several days ( until each charge ran out ) 5 charges on - the scratch is hardly visible. Take your time and work steadily and evenly. Well worth try.    Sid. Morton - Cumbria

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