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Smart Dressing

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Smart Dressing

Smart Dressing

Smartdressing is a non-greasy extra dry premium conditioner that provides outstanding long lasting shine and protection to all tire, rubber, vinyl and leather surfaces.

This Smartdressing's UV blocking agents reduce cracking, fading and hardening while defending against the harmful rays of the sun.

Smartdressing® professional dashboard, interior, vinyl, rubber and tire conditioner crème lotion cleans and protects while adding a pleasant new car shine and scent without leaving surfaces greasy or slippery. It preserves surfaces by returning lost moisturizers that keeps your dashboard, interior vinyl, rubber and tires shiny and protected from damaging UV sun rays.

- Protects & shines dashboards, interior vinyl rubber and tires
- Dry to the touch 100% Non-Greasy
- Water Based
- Guards against UV damage
- Replenishes vital nutrients with every application
- Cleans normal surface dirt quickly and easily
- Leaves surfaces dry, healthy, shiny, and conditioned
- Also for all exterior rubber, and door seals
- Protects against discoloration and cracking
- Keeps your car looking shining and smelling like new

Use on:

- Dashboards
- Vinyl Tops
- Door Panels
- Consoles
- Tires/Trim
- Bumpers
- Vinyl Seats
- Door Moldings

The easy way to clean, protect and shine dashboards, rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces. Smartdressing® contains a patent pending UV protection system to help block damaging UV rays and slow the vinyl aging process. Smartdressing® is 100% Non-Greasy and is enriched with our Smart anti-static ingredients.

The Smart Dressing produces a finish to the interior of my car just like you would see within the vehicles at an upmarket car dealership! - M Crawford - London

473ml/16fl.oz. Bottle.

Customer Reviews

  Pass It Around  Love this stuff, makes the car smell gorgeous and the trim looks like new. My mates keep nicking it to do their cars with so have given them a copy of this web page and told 'em to buy their own..! Fast delivery too, recommended.    Sandy - North Yorkshire

  excellent product  See my review on the autoglym magic sponge. This dressing works very well in conjunction with sponge when trying to remove trim scratches and provides a very pleasing gloss finish.    R. Johnston - Portree, Isle of Skye

  Smart Dressing  This product is simply excellent, would recommend highly.    Anonymous -

  Smart Dressing  Brilliant stuff ,was a skeptical before it arrived ,vinyl hood went from greyish black to like new and brings the interior up a treat as well.also doesn't need much to do the job    -

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