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S100 Motorcycle Corrosion Protectant

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S100 Motorcycle Corrosion Protectant

S100 Motorcycle Corrosion Protectant

No matter how clean you keep your bike, you always have to be on the lookout for that dreaded "enemy number one", corrosion.

Unless you live in the desert, humidity, salt air, spring road salt and plain old pollution threaten your bike’s "precious metals".

That’s why the makers of S100 developed S100 Corrosion Protectant. Just spray on a clean, dry bike (or into a cloth) and rub into the areas you want to protect, those sensitive areas like fork tubes, case covers and wheels (and don’t forget those hidden areas you can’t reach.).

You’ll find that S100 Corrosion Protectant won’t rub off easily in the rain and so its protection really lasts. It even dramatically out-performed a famous so called "corrosion fighter", so this is really the way to protect your investment!

7.2oz Aerosol. (please note this item only ships within Mainland UK).

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Customer Reviews

  Brillant stuff  This is brillant stuff, if you ride a bike in the winter, without worring about salt, and things seizing up & rusting. Used mine through the winter, washed off, the bike & everything was showroom condition.can't get better than that.    Martin Williamson - Scotland

  Fantastic  I have used this for years and my harley is corrosion free and it is used all year round.    bev - london

  S100 Corrosion Protection  If you use your bike all year round this is a must. I sray my bike up and leave it over winter and when i wash it off the bike gleems. A must for any bike    sporty bev -

  Brilliant product  Very easy to use great finish ; first class service next day delivery.    Rod - Devon

  First class protection  Has maintained the brightwork on my bike throughout the winter in a cold and damp garage. I've used it throughout the year whenever the bike is off the road for more than a few days and it's spotless. Cleans off easily when wanted, and it probably helps that I like the smell.    Alan Minty - Aberdeenshire

  Excellent service and a great product  Fast delivery and good price for the excellent S100 spray. Highly recommended.    -

  The best  I have used this stuff on the Harley since it was new. After cleaning spray a little on aloy wheels and buff. Before winter storage I give it a good wash and when dry I spray it on. After winter a warm soapy wash and still like new. I live 200 mtr from the Sussex coast.    H Van Den Berg - Littlehampton

  SUPERB  I have used this product on my Harley since it was new.In that 10 years the bike has done over 50k miles,been to Italy 5 times.Been through rain storms that have lasted hundreds of miles and still the chrome and ally are in excellent condition!    Paul Horner - Co. Durham

  Not quite Daytona Beach, but ...  Withstands the last UK winter we had, and does protect brightwork as stated. I re-apply using an applicator cloth, but foam will do just as well - if you dab it on. Also used under the bonnet on plated metals, polished ali - works either way. Should be good on coil over suspension too me thinks.    Phil Murphy - Moray, Scotland

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